Image of A Girl and Her Fish- ORIGINAL PAINTING
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Original Painting-12"x24"- Acrylic on Wood

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Her Story
"A Girl and her Fish"

This here is a story of a girl and her fish
Their friendship was started by only a wish
She found herself lonely by her towns river bend
Asking to the night shadows to bring her a friend
As her tears hit the water it started to twirl
Then she heard a small voice say "don't cry little girl"
From ripples in water it started to form
A dragon like Koifish was instantly born
It snaked out of the water and started to hover
Asking the poor girl if she cried for a lover
As her mouth was locked speechless and her eyes yet to blink
As her breathing had stopped her heart starting to sink
She new she should fear him and probably freak
But instead she stuttered and started to speak
I cry for the lonely that lives inside of my soul
Even though I'm surrounded I feel so alone
I have mother and father and friends on the side
But when they speak I just choose only to hide
In a place in my head where I'm not weird or fair
Where no one makes fun of my blue colored hair
My teeth have a gap, and my neck is to long
But I can't understand how it's me that is wrong
I was born with these eyes that see a world so unfair
It's not my fault I was born with this odd colored hair
As the fish listened in silence he took it all in
Hearing her heart pouring out from within
They sat for a moment in the still of the night
As he started to swim now towards her in flight
He wrapped round her shoulders with the gentlest of embrace
As he slithered his mouth now closer to her face
He got to her ear and quietly whispered
"Your perfect to me" then he nodded and kissed her
It gave her a warmth that filled her inside
As the feeling of loneliness began to subside
She smiled and he smiled then got up from the floor
Walked to her house with the black colored door
And there they still live by the cold river bend
Where a girl once asked the night for a friend
The moral is mute to a world that is blind
Less you open the lock to the gates in your mind
Leave feelings of judgement and hatred behind
For sometimes its greater just to be kind
A smile goes a long way and a hugs even better
For a girl can be happy if you only let her

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