BeetleJuice Tea Cup - Hand Drawn

Image of BeetleJuice Tea Cup - Hand Drawn

This is a hand drawn made to order Tea Cup and Plate set that is food safe. I hand draw it and bake it to seal the design in. Ships within 7 days.

This is the perfect gift for the Tim Burton/Beetlejuice enthusiast in your life. Every set is made to order.

The design has the beetle juice tombstone hand drawn on the dish. The cup is decorated with 4 illustrations of Delia's sculptures around the outside of the cup and the inside has a drawing of a camera, orange juice, bug and the book of the dead.

The design is drawn with an oil based pen, then baked at 450° to fuse the design to the glaze. Safe for hand washing :) Treat it like you would a Van Gogh that you can eat on ;)

Every order comes with two big exclusive bonus stickers that you can only get with this item :-)

Mug may very depending on availability but will be generally the same size.

Special thanks to H. and N. for the awesome modeling pic :)