B.D.A.S.L.A. limited Edition Prints

$20.00 On Sale

This is a set design/illustrated by RoosterPOP himself. This is part of the BDASLA collection. "Buy Dead Artist to Support a Living Artist". They are stylized versions of the masters of their times. There have been many artist that impact our perception of art today. These are just a few of them, more illistrations will be to come of other amazing artists that have passed.

This is a set of 5 Limited Edition prints on 5"x7" archival watercolor paper. Or click on the arrow above nd select your size.

Artist in this set:
Frida Kahlo "Let your hair give you Fridam"
Andy Warhol "Lunch with Andy"
Salvador Dali "Slow economic times"
Vincent Van Gogh "Someone is Gogh-ing to get in trouble"
Pablo Picasso "Rubix Cubism"

All proceeds of the sales of the limited edition prints and the originals will go straight to helping art get made. Get your set and help artists keep thinking outside the box! They can only be found on Roosterpop.com, help support! Of Artists, For Artists, By Artists.