Custom Silhouette Constellation Paper Craft Art Piece

Image of Custom Silhouette Constellation Paper Craft Art Piece

This is a custom art piece, perfect for placing in a shadow box or in flat frames. It's an awesome way yo show just how elegant and personal art can be. It is created from a sideways profile picture that you send. Watercolor paper is painted in layers to look like a nebula. Then cut in the shape of your silhouette and the zodiac sign is then hand painted on. It is a many step art process but well worth the outcome.

These unique one of a kind art pieces are perfect for any home decor. They are mailed unframed. I only send you the art I don't offer the framing to keep cost low. And that way you can pic the perfect framing that matches your home and style.

"LETS MAKE ONE!" Here is what I need from youth get started!

1. You have to take 2 pictures of your upper torso completely sideways (MUST BE SIDEWAYS)! . Preferably get someone to take it for you. The only requirement is that you try to have a solid color background; a wood door, a towel,curtain, a wall etc. The picture quality does not have to be great, you can even use your camera phone, just make sure it is a clear silhouette.( I am limited to the picture you submit so try to get it as clear as possible)

2. You have to email the pictures to with any specifications you want; I just want blue and purple as a accent, give me a big bun in my hair, etc., be creative that's why its custom. On average it takes about 3 to 5 days to be created and sent out.

3. In the email please mention your Zodiac sign and any other questions or additional details you would like to add. If there is any additional cost for the design modifications requested, I will give you the heads up first and then proceed with creating it.

The average size of these custom pieces is about 11"x9". If you would like pricing for larger sizes or multiples please contact me, I will happily give you a quote.