Custom Paper Silhouettes. Made to Order- (Unframed)

Image of Custom Paper Silhouettes. Made to Order- (Unframed)

This is a Paper Silhouette. Perfect for placing in a shadow box or in flat frames. Its an awesome way yo show just how elegant and personal art can be.

Dimensions are 4'x5", lArger sizes are available upon request. Just ask for a size quote.

How are they created? I need some Pics!

1. You have to take 2 pictures of your upper torso completely sideways (MUST BE SIDEWAYS)! . Preferably get someone to take it for you. The only requirement is that you try to have a solid color background; a wood door, a towel,curtain, a wall etc. The picture quality does not have to be great, you can even use your camera phone, just make sure it is a clear silhouette.( I am limited to the picture you submit so try to get it as clear as possible)

2. You have to email the pictures to with any specifications you want; add a big ribbon in my hair, add a top hat, etc. , be creative that's why its custom. on average it takes about 2 to 3 days to be created and sent out. They are cut on a matt black paper.

When shipped you will receive the silhouette cup out of black paper only. I do not sell it with the framing, that way you can pic out whatever would match your decor best. If you want to make it into a shadow box, just mention it in the email with the pictures and I will make sure to include some Sticky layering foam squares in there for you. :)

If you would like pricing for larger sizes or multiples please contact me, I will happily give you a quote.