Don't Hate the Player, Mario- Sticker - 5.5"x3.5"

Image of Don't Hate the Player, Mario- Sticker - 5.5"x3.5"
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You can't hate the player 1, hate the game. Looser! Mario is awesome and if you tend to forget that, slap this sticker on your forehead so you can remember it everyday.

If you would like this sticker to be the perfect size to slap on the back of your Nintendo DS or DS XL, Just message me first and I can acclimate you, no probs!

This Sticker is perfect for slapping one your Car, Laptop, Skateboard, Sketchbook, Favorite Food Truck and everywhere inbetween. Make the world a cooler place by decorating it with this hand made big sticker!

These stickers are hand drawn, digitally colored, uv/waterproof, laminated and cut by me.

If you have any specific request please don't hesitate to ask in the Contact me Tab!