Hogwart Mystery Box- Magic in a Box

Image of Hogwart Mystery Box- Magic in a Box

These magic filled blind boxes are hand crafted and filled with unique and original fan art pieces. Each box is different with a huge variety of secret special items you can only get here. Inspired by the World of Harry Potter and all it's stories.

Each Hogwarts Mystery Box could have any of the Following Exclusive items:

A-Accessory/ Makeup bag
B-Prints (over 15 different designs)
C-Big Stickers and Sticker Sheets
D-Jewelry (Necklace,Earrings,etc.)
F-Brooches (5 designs)
G-Original Holiday Ornaments
H-Tote Bag
I-Original Design Mini Travel Pillow (11"x14")
J-Original Design Decorative Pillow (16"x16")
K-Original Shadow Box
L-Original Sketch

There are 3 options for your Blind Box

Knut Box $30- Will contain items from "A-D"
Sickle Box $50- Will contain items from "A-H"
Galleon Box $100- Will contain items from "A-L"

Each box is filled with Double it's cost in goodies.

Select from the Drop Down Menu and please select if the Box is for a Wizard or Witch.

All the fun stuff sprinkled in these boxes are custom hand made original designs. Inspired by the Magical World of Harry Potter. None of it is mass produced or likened or claims to be. All of my creations are to pay tribute and praise to this amazing series of books.

I am sure they will bring a little magic to your day :)