Houston Heart Club

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My name is Josie DeVora and I am the artist and creator behind RoosterPOP.

Houston Hearts Club is a fundraiser I created to help collect funds for those affected by the recent flood disaster left behind by Hurricane Harvey. Unfortunately among those affected were my mother, sister, grandfather and 1 other family of 6.

I have created a hand full of items to help raise funds. Other than the cost of production, %100 of the proceeds will go directly to those affected. The money will go towards purchasing clothes, food, furniture, toiletries and other basic necessities.

I know the with your support was can help them rebuild some of what was lost. unfortunately in both of their cases like many others effected by the storm they did not have flood insurance.

Enjoy the goodies and thank you for all of your help and contributions. If you can not donate please just help spread the message. Every share counts! Thanks and stay AWESOME!!

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