Hermione Cutie-5"x7" Print

Image of Hermione Cutie-5"x7" Print

I loved the Harry Potter Books/Movies growing up and I am sure you did to! Are you more of a brainy Hermione or a loony Luna? Get the one you love best, or the whole set. If they run out I will be creating a new one just for you!

"HELP FUND ME" (art set)

The Pros of being an artist:
You get to explore your imagination every day.
you get to express your joys and angst through your pencil.
You get to help others bring their concepts to life.
You can make people feel: joy, sadness, humor and humility with a couple strokes of your brush.
You can help children's minds grow beyond what they see.

The Cons:
You get no Medical, Dental or Insurance. So any time you need a checkup or a major surgery you pretty much go bankrupt. Recently I had to have and emergency procedure that basically left me a -$0. And I have about a week to come up with $2000.

So like that "Wacky Flailing Arm Inflatable Tube Man Salesman" from Family Guy. I AM PASSING THESE SAVINGS ON TO YOU!!! I need your help! Get one for yourself, a friend or fully stock up on all this fun and cheap original art.

Help Spread the love and help support an artist that really needs your help. All "Help Fund Me" art is sent with a little extra love.

Would you like to get a character that you love?
I will make it! I am taking personal requests. The only limitation is that it will be on a 4"x5.5" archival paper and drawn with pencil, ink, colored pencils and markers. Just add the "Custom Help Fund Me art" to your cart and in the notes write the name of the character you would like (and name of the show if applicable). Rules, only one character per "Help fund me art" due to size. Styling will be similar to the Harry Potter Cuties style. Then just check out, once purchased it will take me 2-5 days to create it and send it out to you!

Once again thanks so much for your love and support and can't see what we make together.