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This is an ORIGINAL PAINTING, No duplicates or prints have been made to date! Get your original, hand painted RoosterPOP piece while it's still available.

This will be up for only 2 days!

Hey friends!
I am going to New York on Wednesday and signing up for some more Shows and events! The downfall to all this fun and excitement is money. Flights, Booths, Art Supplies, and Print/Production all costs money. So I am asking for your help. I am putting up for one day a couple of my original paintings and watercolors for over 50% off their prices. Even though these pieces each took hour and in some cases days to paint, I know that by selling them fast, I can create new art and animations to share with you later! (and they get a new loving home)

Thanks for your support and hope you snatch one up while they are still available.

by Josie DeVora and RoosterPOP