"Reeping Siren" Print Josie DeVora painting

Image of "Reeping Siren" Print Josie DeVora painting

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Drawing you like a moth to a flame, she entices your cattish curiosity. She promises you wonder and answers to all your questions. Her hair flows as if wind and water merged into a vibrant violet ribbon of elegance wrapping around her shapely body like leaves shielding a forbidden fruit. Her eyes are so hypnotizing they distract you from her makeup that clearly states her purpose. She is a Reaping Siren. She is the beginning and the end. The fire that destroyed the forest and the seed that revived it. She only takes the willing and is always willing to take. If ever come the day that you notice her standing in a forest or mysteriously floating in a alley. Stray quickly and look away. Say your goodbyes to whom you must and be ready for when you least expect it you will be caught in her gaze. And like the gaze of any woman with a purpose, she will get her way come YOUR hell or high water.