Support Stickers, help create new art!


Help support the creation of new art by buying one of these stickers or sets.

Drawing is free but production is expensive. Every item in our shop is sketched, drawn, doodled, inked, painted, cut, sewn, animated and printed here in the U.S. There are a lot of steps between concept sketch to the finished product.

Unfortunately there are a lot of upfront costs;
inks, sticker paper, shirts, paints, canvases, clays, glues and resins just to name a few. The only money we see back is what we sell, and when that happens it means we can buy more materials to make even more cool stuff.

This year is going to be one of our biggest. We are already confirmed for 2 Comicons and a New York Gallery tour we are hoping to land. We are also trying to push to create some more cool stuff like new plush toys, resin and vinyl toys, apparel, and new original prints all hand made here in the U.S.

But we CAN'T do this without your support. Please help our cause by purchasing one of these stickers or sets.

All the money raised from these sales go directly to the artist material cost to create more awesome art!

As a thank you for your contribution here are some cool rewards you
$10 = 1 Stickers
$25 = 1 Sticker and Surprise Limited Edition Large Print
$50 = 1 Sticker and Surprise Drawing
$100 = 1 Sticker and Surprise Mini Painting

by Josie DeVora