Tina Zombie Golconda-Tina Belcher - Magritte 5"x7"

Image of Tina Zombie Golconda-Tina Belcher - Magritte 5"x7"

What if we all got what we wished for? Would you want to be richer, thinner, taller or drenched in zombie rain?
This Smart, Strong and Sensual woman got just that.

This is a Print of an original design I did with Tina Belcher as the Subject. Its a play on a Magritte painting called Golconda.

I love the way art has changed over the centuries. Not just in style and mediums but in class and just what makes art art.
Bob's Burgers is a great show, but sometimes the art community writes cartoons, illustrations or Graffiti off as lesser art. In my eyes they are all the same, an expression of the humor, sadness, joy and all the other human emotions we all hold inside. Thats why I love making Art hybrids. It makes us reflect within ourselves as individuals and take note of our views of the world and how we interpret it. .......Also, Its raining Zombies!

So don't be a "BOOB PUNCH" and show your love for Bob's Burgers and my art by getting your print!