Noodle Doodle 1 Character (simple)

Image of Noodle Doodle 1 Character (simple)

These Original Custom paintings make great gifts for Couples, Weddings, Birthdays, Family Portraits, Holidays, etc.

What better gift to give someone or yourself then some original custom art. These are samples of real people who have become "Noodle Doodles".
Each piece is custom drawn per order by the Illustrator Josie DeVora. They are illustrated on average on 7"x5" archival watercolor paper. These custom paintings take a lot of time and design work. Average turn around time is about a week.

This purchase is for 1 Character (simple). The design will consist of the character only. On average they will have an accessory or 2 (holding flowers or a heart) The characters clothes and/or tattoo details will be taken from the pictures submitted. If you would like a "Noodle Doodle" with more details check out the other item titled "Noodle Doodle (detailed) ". If you want other options like "1 Characters and 1 Pet" please select it from the drop down menu below. If you have a special custom order like "My whole family sitting in front of the Christmas tree". Message me to the email provided below and I would be happy to give you a quote.

To make a Noodle Doodle (simple) I need some information from you.
1. Picture of the person to become a "Noodle Doodle" (simple)
2. Face, tattoos, etc.
3. (optional) An outfit you would prefer them to wear.
4. How you would like them to be posing, standing sassy, sitting down, doing a cartwheel, etc.

These few sweet ingredients can be the recipe to some super cute custom art. Just add it to your cart, complete your order and send an email of the photo/photos and the examples of the personality to
( ). The information will be passed on to the artist and your cookies will be in the oven soon!

(Keep in mind the more details and pictures you send the better. In Some cases clients will share the person’s Facebook or social media to help with researching the character.)

How Long?

Once the order is confirmed it takes about 2 days to get a sketch proof by email to confirm the design aspect of the characters. Edits and changes are done during this step only. Once approved by you the design then gets drawn in watercolor pencil, watercolored and inked. The average time for the "Noodle Doodle (simple)" to be created and sent out is 4 to 5 days (depending on the season). You will be sent a proof of the illustration before it is sent out.

Need a bigger custom order?
Heck Yah!
Send any inquiries to

if you would like to see more examples of Noodle Doodles that I have done and see the process, Check out my blog