Funny Guy, a Tribute to Robin Williams 8"x11"


This piece was inspired by all the ways I knew a man that I never met. He was an amazing actor and human being. In his lifetime he helped more then 50 different charities raise money and awareness. He also helped thousands, if only for a little while, forget their troubles and just laugh.

I really enjoyed doing this illustration and reflecting on all the ways he inspired my personality and sense of humor as I was growing up.

IN HIS MEMORY, The first original 100 Prints that were sold helped raise Money for some great charities.

Art Specifications:
8.5" x 11" Print with white border
13" x 19" Print with white border
27" x 30" Print with white border
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Digital Illustration by Josie Devora.

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(P.S. can you count all the movies?)

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Total movies are as follows in chronological order=

Mork and Mindy
Good Morning, Vietnam
Dead Poets Society,etc. (Flubber Mask)
Awakenings (Sleeping Mask)
FernGully: The Last Rainforest
Mrs. Doubtfire
The Birdcage
What Dreams May Come
Patch Adams
Bicentennial Man
One Hour Photo
Death to Smoochy
Insomnia (Sleeping Maks)
Man of the Year
Happy Feet(s)
Night at the Museum(s)
World's Greatest Dad

I hope these make you as happy to reminisce on as they did me. And though we where left with a bitter sweet taste in our mouths because of his sudden passing. We can't let one sad day in his life erase the 63 years of joy he brought us.

by Josie DeVora